What is the New England Galloway Group?

Formed in 1995, the New England Galloway Group (NEGG) is dedicated to providing a diverse and knowledgable network for the breeders from the Northeast Region and beyond. Our regional group hosts two or more meetings annually which feature educational clinics, farm tours, future planning and potluck lunches. Our mission is to provide support and encouragement to veteran and up-and-coming breeders and exhibitors alike. The goal is to act as a resource to our membership through both knowledge sharing and promotion while together preserving the integrity and quality of our unique breed.

In addition to the number of youth events we sponsor, our group is also responsible for the National Belted Galloway Sale held each April. Our sale is one of the longest running purebred cattle sales in the United States. Interested in joining our group? See the membership form located below.


Heidi Baker
(207) 975-4415

Vice President
Dustin James
(207) 491-5980

Bob Bickford
(603) 859-2611

Corinna Guimond Caron
(207) 249-2191

Board of Directors: 

Randy Hall (Past President)
Jesse Caron
Michael Constantine 
Danny Costain
Morgan Badeau