Belted Galloway NEGG 22

Believed to have been brought and then abandoned by the Vikings in the 1500’s, the Galloway Breeds developed during the 17th Century in what was known as the Galloway province of Scotland.  This was a mountainous region of southwestern Scotland on the coast of the Irish Sea.  This area is known for having some of the coldest, most severe weather condition in the land, not totally unlike New England today.

Among the oldest of the world’s cattle breeds, the Galloways have always been known for their hardiness, having been left to fend for themselves in such rugged terrain.

Belted Galloways and Galloways are  a historic breed whose special characteristics  and genetics fit in with present day commercial beef operations, as well as direct sales to health-conscious consumers who desire flavorful, tender, lean beef fresh from the farm. The Belted Galloways were imported to the United States and Canada from the 1920’s through 1989.  Embryos and semen are still imported from the British Isles, Australia and New Zealand.

Besides their unique and distinguished markings (white belt around their midriff, the rest black, red or dun colored).  Belted Galloways have many other desirable qualities favored by purebred show cattle breeders, commercial beef producers and consumers of beef.