Investing in the Future of our Breed…

As a membership, our focus from the start has been on the youth of our breed. We feel that in order for an organization and a breed to grow and prosper that the junior members need to be provided with the tools and opportunities to succeed.

Each year the NEGG places a high quality Belted Galloway heifer into the hands of a deserving Jr. member through our Annual Heifer Project. Youth are encouraged to apply prior to December 31st of each year. Applications can be found on the NEGG website. The chosen applicant will be awarded a Registered Belted Galloway from the NEGG. The Jr. member is then responsible for raising the heifer, eventually donating back her first heifer calf to the program or making a donation to the program to help fund the next recipient. Some of the top herds in the breed were influenced by this very project.

In addition to our annual Heifer Project, each year the NEGG sponsors four major shows for our junior members; Northeast Regional Jr. National Belted Galloway Show, Union Fair, The Big E & Fryeburg Fair. Our membership contributions and silent auctions help fund these sponsorships.